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Chasewood Animal Hospital offers employment opportunities for special people that want to "come home" to work. We seek people who take pride in their daily accomplishments, and want to give back to the community.  We seek people who take initiative and are willing to "go that extra mile".  We offer competitive pay and benefits.

If you consider yourself to be one of those special people we are seeking, Chasewood Animal Hospital offers opportunities to join the Chasewood Animal Hospital as a Staff Family Member in the following roles:

Doctor's Nurse - sometimes known as Veterinary Technician, here at Chasewood Animal Hospital, you  will be Dr. Maria's personal nurse.  Your role will be assisting Dr. Maria in every area of patient care, from drawing blood for lab tests, to restraining during procedures, positioning for x-rays, assisting with anesthetic monitoring during surgeries and maintaining the inventory/ordering of supplies needed for patient care. You will also be our special liaison to our Client Family Members and Furry Family Members, providing client education and follow-up care. This position requires great flexibility, organizational skills, and experience in the Veterinary Hospital environment as a Dr's nurse.  The Dr.'s nurse is a compassionate, warm and caring extension of Dr. Maria to our Client & Furry Family Member. If you are that special person, this is the Family Role for you.

Experience Required.


Nursing Assistant - just as the name implies, you are our Doctor's Nurse assistant.  To free our Doctor's Nurse to dedicate their time and energy to implement treatment plans for our patients, and monitor surgeries, your role is to fill in the gaps.  You may be running lab tests, filling prescriptions, and assisting both the doctor and her nurse as needed.  You will be responsible for maintaining surgical packs, and making sure the hospital is well stocked for surgical needs, and medical treatment needs. You will prepare our exam rooms for visits from our client family/furry family members, making sure that everything Dr. Maria will need for an exam is available to her.  You will maintain accurate records & record fecal & heartworm test results & contact client family members with results.  Your role is a  support role that our family values highly.  Many of our nursing assistants go on to train to become Doctor's nurses.  If you want to learn and grow in Veterinary Nursing, this is the Family Role for you.

Experience preferred - but will train the right person


Welcoming Staff - sometimes known as Reception, here at Chasewood Animal Hospital, you are the "voice" and "arms" of the practice.  Your role will be to answer the phones in a way that lets our callers feel like they are being "welcomed home".  It takes a special person to always have that smile in their voice and indeed you will be the voice of the practice.  You will be responsible for scheduling appointments, maintaining patient files, greeting Client Family Members & Furry Family Members, and making sure their visit is warm and welcoming from their first step into our Hospital Home to the time they step out.  You will be the support person for our Dr.'s nurse and other members of the Staff Family.  You must be the kind of person who can keep on smiling with even our most challenging Client Family Members.  Your arms must always be open to welcome new Client Family Members and Furry Family Members as well as be the arms that offer a hug or two as needed.  If you are that special person, this is the Family Role for you.

Experience preferred - but will train the right person


Patient Care & Comfort Coordinator - You are the Staff Family Member who connects at the most personal level with our Furry Family Members. It is your role to make sure these dear ones have all their basic needs met for food, water, exercise, and clean and comfortable suites during their stay at Chasewood Animal Hospital.  You are the one they are depending on for their comfort and being a nurturing and compassionate person is paramount to fulfilling this Staff Family Member role.  You are the kind of person who is sometimes known to say "I connect with animals on a level that most people don't seem to."  It takes a special and dedicated person to meet the needs of our hospitalized or vacationing  Furry Family Members.  If you are that person, this is the Family Role for you.

Experience preferred but will train the right person


An On-line Educational Program is offered to each family member to encourage success in your family role.  These classes are offered as part of your benefit package with no cost to you.  Continued education is encouraged and supported by Dr. Maria for all our Staff Family Members. Dr. Maria, herself, is involved in on-going continuous educational endeavors which keep her on the cutting edge of Veterinary care.

We accept applications for any future openings to become a Staff Family Member Year Round.  However, applications are only kept for one year.  If an opening is currently available in our Family it will be so noted below.  Please provide your resume, and a cover letter telling us which family role you would like the opportunity to fill and why you would be a good fit for our type of Practice.  Our fax number is 561-745-2520.   Be sure to note: Attention : Marina Marini /Hospital Director.

You may also email Marina directly at  HR@chasewoodanimalhospital.com 

Roles we are currently seeking that special person to fill: 

Nothing at this time

 We always welcome interested applicants to submit an application & resume which will be kept on file for one year.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Chasewood Animal Hospital Staff Family Member!

Important! You Need to Read This 

Please call us to find out how we are different from other hospitals for spay, or neuter. We make sure your pet's comfort and safety is maintained by using the most modern, and up to date protocols and techniques. Dr. Maria, and her staff monitor and care for your pet like family.

THIS ---->https://chasewoodanimalhospitalcom.vetmatrixbase.com/opportunities-to-join-our-staff-family.html

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A caring, compassionate vet with great staff.  Dr Maria spends a lot of time with each patient.  She discusses all the options in detail.  There is no pressure to choose the most expensive treatment.  The appointments have always been on time.  My dogs are always excited to go to the vet because she treats them so kindly.   I don't think you can find a better vet.

Martin B, Jupiter

We've used many vet clinics in many states, since we've moved a lot.  

Dr. Maria Lowry is one of the best vet doctors we've come across.  One of our cats has Lymphoma and was being treated by an internist, who was not doing such a good job of keeping him as healthy as possible, under the circumstances, and costing us lots of payouts doing one blood test after another, one anti-biotic after the other, which only caused him to lose his appetite make his situation worse.  His condition got so bad, we were positive he would have to be put down.  We took him to Dr. Lowry and, through her EXPERTISE and INGENUITY, she saved his life for another day, as they say.  And, she has taken wonderful care of our other two, one of which has renal failure.  She doesn't look for profit, she concentrates on the health and well being of your pet only.....an amazing breath of fresh air.

I HIGHLY RECOMENNED DR. MARIA LOWRY; she is one of the best!!!!!

Bev B., Jupiter

I can NOT say enough good things about Chasewood Animal Hospital!  Dr Maria & her staff is so caring and takes her time with you and your pet.  Marina, the Hospital Director, is fantastic!  Recently she helped me with an issue involving my dog's meds.  Went WAY ABOVE & beyond to help and FAR EXCEEDED my expectations!!!  When does that happen???!!!  Love, love this Vet  Clinic.

JC C, Jupiter

We took our very sick dog in on Saturday, thinking that he might have to be euthanized.  after going to 4 different vets in the past nine months, 1 of them a very popular local vet in Jupiter, all we had accomplished was flushing $3,000 down the toilet and had been browbeaten in a very condescending manner because we wouldn't continue to submit our dog for more expensive, useless tests and treatments.  no vet should insinuate that you are a bad pet owner because you have a budget.

We were very upfront with dr. maria, and within 10 minutes, she had clipped a skin sample and put it under a microscope, in front of us, and was showing us the Demodex mite crawling through my dog's sample on the computer screen!  it was as easy as that!  we were minutes away from putting or dog to sleep because other vets were more interested in racking up big bills doing complicated tests, and this wonderful woman immediately thought to do the simple, logical thing, even if it was not something that would line her pockets.  within 48 hours, our dog has gone from near unconsciousness to up and about, even pushing a his favorite ball around, begging us to play fetch! 

i cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. maria and her staff.  she has gained lifelong customers in us and our 2 Cocker Spaniels.  i will shout from the rooftops to recommend her and can say that i have more trust in her than any other vet, spanning 2 different states.

Vet care costs money, that is part of the deal when you own a pet.  but just like people's healthcare, most people have a budget and to find a vet that doesn't beat you up because of that is rare in our experience.  Dr. maria is kind, compassionate and obviously puts her patients first, and that is why i totally recommend her.

Laura N. , Jupiter

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