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Chasewood Animal Hospital is all about Family! We are ONE family made up of 3 parts:

Our Staff Family, Our Client Family (that's YOU) and our Furry Family Members (your babies!)

This page is all about YOU & your (our) Furry Family Members!

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From Barbara Kerley: Barbara has been a blessing to two of our little doggies in need. First, Barbara adopted Louie (formerly known as Scruffy) and has worked miracles with this formerly overly shy and scared little chihuahua...Louie can be seen lounging second in line...with Benny, Barbara's original furry family member obviously loving on him! Up front and center, is our own little Thelma. Barbara has opened her home and her heart to foster this dear little yorkie, who through circumstances beyond anyone's control ended up needing that special person who could care for her special needs. Barbara is truly that "angel of mercy" and Thelma is living the grand life with grand company. Chasewood Animal Hospital extends a great big Thank You to Barbara! img
From Laura Nottingham: "Meet Cody(left) and Zack(right). You know Cody already from his mangy, yeasty visit, but here is his fellow partner in crime and brother from the same litter. They are a lot like the cartoon, "Pinky and the Brain", with Cody being the Brain since he is so clever and Zack is Pinky, since he is the big, doofy muscle part of their duo!" Good News: Cody is on the mend is ever so much better! img img
1/15/2013 Meet Kristy's Haddad's babies...Lily & Cheech...Lily was one of Chasewood Animal Hospital's Miami rescue dogs, and she spent her Christmas enjoying her life thanks to Dr. Maria and Kristy! Be watching for her Happily Fur-ever after story, coming soon! img
Cheech shows her appreciation with a big smile...and big personality from such a tiny dog! Thank you, Kristy for sharing these great pictures of your furry family members! img
1/3/2013 Happy New Year from the Reber Family and Dylan! The Reber's opened their hearts and their home to Dylan, one of Chasewood Animal Hospital's Adoptable Dogs. He has obviously found his place in the world, bringing in the New Year with Love and gratitude to the Reber family! img
12/20/12 Merry Christmas from Barbara & Michael Soccio and their sweet little LuLu...LuLu is seen here modeling the latest in smart doggie Christmas attire! img
12/19/12 Merry Christmas from the Gilder's...From top left to bottom, meet Roxie, Vinny, Peaches & Bella! Their mom, Laura, works tirelessly with Chasewood Animal Hospital helping to find homes for many of our smaller adoptable dogs...Vinny was one she just couldn't part with! Thank you Laura for sharing this wonderful family photo with us! Big hugs and many thanks for all you do, from the Chasewood staff family members! img
12/14/12 Meet Rosebud...Jesse & Sue's sweet little rescued kitty. Trapped in a car's engine Rosebud's plaintive cries caught their attention while they were enjoying an evening out. The owners of the car were having dinner in a local restruarant completely unaware of the drama happening under their hood. A happy ending...Jesse & Sue found the owners of the car and the rest is kitty rescue history! img
Meet Bubble & Cha'tin. Isabel Szlak's cute little ones came in for their annual exam today...They were intrigued by the cat adoption room and we all enjoyed their total cuteness! img
11/20/2012 Meet Marvee & TT. A recent visit gleaned this precious shot! Thank you, Marvee & TT. img
11/15/2012 Meet Bentley Summers. Bentley is the 3 year old enthusiastic furry family member of Barbara & Jim Summers. Barbara's daughter, a professional photographer provided us with the stunning photos of his very best! img img img img
11/10/2012 Meet Rosie & Jean. Rosie was rescued from death row at the Miami/Dade Animal Shelter by Dr. Maria earlier this year. Jean swooped in and scooped her up, and the rest of the story will be shared soon in our "Happily Fur-Ever After" adoption success stories watching for it! img
11/10/2012 Meet Allie, Chopper & Butter Richey, with their mom Jeanne and their Aunt, Jeanne's sister. These much loved furry family members came in today for a pedicure....didn't know they were going to have their picture taken...but they were ready! img
11/9/2012 Meet Zoe Calabrese, Linda's beloved Furry Family Member & ours! While his mommy did Chasewood's accounting today, Zoe had her family consult with Dr. Maria. Heartworm test was negative! Good job Zoe, because you certainly won our hearts while you kept us company after your meeting with Dr. Maria! We love you! img
11/7/2012 Meet Homer Huff, Ann's beloved Furry Family Member & ours! Homer visited us yesterday for his annual Family Consult with Dr. Maria and his mommy Ann, shared this photo, letting us know exactly how Homer celebrated Halloween! We love you Homer! img