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Yes Virginia, Fairy tales do come true! And homeless cats & dogs find their dreams coming true!

Happily Fur-Ever After Stories, our adoption successes, warm the heart and encourage Hope...Faith...and most of all Love!

With Love from our doggies....

With Love from our kitties...a picture says a thousand words!


Submitted December 7, 2014  (A Love Story - Re-united at last)

Missy's Happily Fur-ever After!

(Scroll down for photos, video & story written by Paul Patti)

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Written by Paul Patti

Better known as Mr. Love and Mrs. Love, these two beautiful cats came to Chasewood Adoption center in August 2012, both about 1 year old. They were from the same household, and were bonded with each other, as you probably figured out from their names

I adopted Mr. Love (now Teddy) in December 2012, and he was unfortunately split up from his sweetheart.

Cats don't remember each other, do they? Do they become sad when parting from a good friend, like we do? I didn't think so.

I was wrong.

Mrs. Love, also known as Missy, continued waiting at Chasewood Animal Hospital. She is a quiet and shy girl, sometimes even scared. As of November 2014, she still hadn't found her forever home.

One of my oldest furry friends, Ben, a 17 1/2 year old Persian mix, recently passed away. We adopted him as a 6 week old kitten. As you know, when an old, close friend dies, a hole opens up in you that takes a while to heal, and never fully does.

But I always remembered Mrs. Love, Missy.

I had visited her in the Chasewood adoption room quite a few times after adopting Teddy. So shy, not a kitten any longer. Was she missing Teddy?After nearly 2 years, would she even recognize him?

It was time to find out. She came home with me mid November 2014. Their instant recognition of each other and affection put a tear in my eye.

Here is a video of Teddy and Missy just two weeks later. She is still a
little shy, but not around Teddy, her protector. She is also getting along very well with the other cats in my home.

As you will see in the video, she cares much more about catching that damn bright red bug than being shy or scared.

Welcome home, Missy.

Love, Paul Patti

Submitted February 14, 2014  (A Love Story!)

Smokey Friedman's Happily Fur-ever After!

(Scroll down for more photos & story written by her new mom, Lauren, one of Chasewood Animal Hospital's very own Patient Care & Comfort Coordinators!)

(Before - at Chasewood Animal Hospital)

Home at last! One very happy kitty to be home with Lauren!

Cozy and Comfortable relaxing at home!

Actually, we think Smokey owns Lauren!  Bedtime is snuggle time!

Written by Lauren Friedman

The day I started working at Chasewood Animal Hospital was the day that changed my feelings about cats forever. I had grown up with dogs, and was unsure of how cats would compare, in terms of affection and endearment.  That is, I was unsure until I met Smokey.

At day one, it was clear that the ball of gray fur at the back of the kennel was a little timid, to say the least.  She looked so downright terrified that I immediately felt for her, and she tugged at my heartstrings as I went home every night.

Slowly but surely, I started working with her, trying to get her to come closer and want attention. The day she let me pet her without moving away made me so excited that I just had to tell everyone I knew!

After that, although it took a long time and a lot of patience, Smokey began to trust me and show me such tender affection.  She let me pick her up and play with her nose and feet like it was no big deal, and she would even take treats from my hand some days!

Each and every night when I left work, I would promise her "I'll take you home if it's the last thing I do," and she would look at me as though she couldn't quite believe me, and it would harden my resolve.

Finally, after over a year, I moved to a place where animals were allowed, and I brought my little girl home with me.

She started off unsure and scared, but within just two months she was sunning herself in the windowsill and lounging on my bed like it had always been hers!

To see such a difference in this cat, who is absolutely not the same cat I first met 19 months ago, makes me smile.  It was like she was waiting for me to come along and rescue her, and teach her how to be a Furry Family Member again.

Smokey and I like to relax in bed together every night, and every morning I wake up with a paw on my face or arm, and a smile on my lips.  Bringing my little angel home was the best day I've had in a very long time, and every day since then has seemed nearly as bright!

Submitted February 5, 2014

Duke Bell's Happily Fur-Ever After !

Meet Bindi & Duke Bell

Written by Dale & Linda Bell

When we moved back to Jupiter from N. Georgia in July of 2013, we had with us our 12 yr old black and white cat named "Poot". She had fallen ill in the previous weeks prior to our moving, but we were determined to bring her with us not knowing how she would handle the 700 mile car trip to Florida. She actually did quite well, but shortly after we got to Jupiter, her condition got worse. We knew the inevitable decision would have to be made.  It is by far the toughest thing to do to a beloved cat, but we couldn't let her suffer. After she was gone, it became very lonely in our house.  We have had cats our entire married life, so we knew we had to fill that void.

So we started looking around.  Before were were told about Chasewood Animal Hospital, we found a black and white female cat approximately 1 year old and fell in love with her.  We named her "Bindi".  Then we wanted to get a playmate for her, so my brother-in-law suggested we "check out our Vet "- Chasewood Animal Hospital.  And so began our relationship with all the fine people at Chasewood.  Such thoughtful & caring staff. We were very impressed with our first visit. 

It was there that we found our 2nd cat named "Duke".  We were allowed to foster him for as long as it took to make sure he would fit in with Bindi.  Well, it didn't take long. Less than a week.  Duke is a very affectionate boy and a ball of energy.  He gets along great with Bindi. The two of them are a constant source of entertainment.  We call them "The Kids".

We cannot say enough good things about the staff at Chasewood Animal Hospital.  From Marina at the front desk who is so caring and helpful, to Dr. Maria who is simply "The Best".  We are grateful that they helped us make our home complete!  "The Kids' thank them too!

Submitted January 5, 2013

Meet Dylan, & Ferne Reber & Family


Written by Ferne Reber

Dylan came to his fur-ever home on October 25, 2012. He was six months old. Since then, he has become a very important part of our family. He loves to play, sleep and eat. We try to take him for a run, catch or beach visit every day. He loves all people and all dogs. We can't even drive along A1A without him letting us know he wants to go swimming.  If you walk anywhere near the beach he "puts on the brakes" until you give in.  He has endless energy and is still nipping our (and anyone that approaches him) hands - hopefully that is a "puppy thing."  We are so happy he rescued us!

Submitted January 3, 2013

Meet Teddy formerly known as Mr. Love, & the Patti family!

Teddy aka Mr. Love 1-2013_1.jpg

Teddy-aka Mr. Love_1.jpg

Written by Paul Patti

I met Mr. Love in Chasewood Animal Hospital’s adoption room, in September of 2012. I would stop by for food, or for help with one of our other animals, and would go into the adoption room just to help give these beautiful creatures some much needed human love and interaction.

Mr. Love tugged at my heart strings each time he would come down off his tree to say hello to me. He was so friendly, I was sure he would be adopted any day. But, there he was each time, week after week, staying behind while other cats – just as worthy and in need – found their forever homes.

Our home in Jupiter Farms is large, built around our animals, but we were also at our self-imposed limit for rescued cats. Still, there Mr. Love would be, each time cuddling, purring and saying hello when I came to visit. Why couldn’t he find a home? My eyes would tear up every time I thought about him, and the others in that room. He was just another one of millions of cats caught in a bad spot, needing shelter and a daily meal. I told my wife that we would wait until Christmas, and then if no one adopted my friend, to hell with our “limit” - we would give him that forever home he so much deserved.

 Mr. Love came home with me on December 27th, and his name is now “Teddy.” He joins 3 other rescues from Chasewood, and four other older rescues. He’s getting along just fine.

 I have the utmost admiration and respect for Dr. Maria and all the good people of Chasewood, who provide the space, labor and resources to make sure these beautiful creatures don’t wind up on the “10-day” list at the county shelter.

 I wish I could adopt them all, but I can’t. Now, it’s your turn. Your “Mr. Love” - your forever friend, is waiting for you too, if you’ll just open your heart.

Submitted November 19, 2012

Meet Jean Fischer &  Rosie! 


Written by Jean Fischer

Love comes in small packages.  That's my thought as I look at my little Rosie.  Never would I have believed I would own or love a "little dog", I've always had big dogs, "real" dogs...dogs that weighed more than small children, big dog love.

After the loss of my chow mix, Roxie, who I had treasured for 12 years, I was heartbroken and never thought about another dog for while.  Time to grieve. When Dr. Maria asked if I would be willing to foster a small dog, I was OK with it.  After all, I didn't have to keep her.  Just give her food, water, a warm place to sleep and attention.  No problem.  I would do it...It wasn't a commitment.

I walked out of the office that day with the cutest little Min-Pin in one arm.  I also walked out with Roxie's ashes in the other, but I was at peace with it.  Roxie was a rescue and had a tough life, until she adopted me.  I gave that girl so much love that I knew when she went over the Rainbow Bridge, she walked over knowing how much she was loved.  She would want me to share that love with another who was in the same situation she had been in. Rosie had found her forever family with me!

Rosie has been such a blessing to our home.  She is so loveable, brings joy to our hearts every day.  She loves to ride in the car, fetch toys, gets along with Buddy (our adopted cat), and loves to cuddle. 

I am so grateful to Dr. Maria for helping me open my heart to a little dog who is so full of BIG Love.

Welcome Home to Chasewood Animal Hospital Your Family Veterinarian in Jupiter, FL Call us at 561-745-4944 If you live in Jupiter or the surrounding area in FL, then you have picked the perfect site to find a veterinarian. 
Dr. Maria Lowry is a licensed veterinarian, treating all types of family pets from the largest to the very smallest. Your pet's health and well being is very important to us and we will take every step to give your pet the best possible care.
Chasewood Animal Hospital is a full service animal hospital and will take both emergency cases as well address all your medical, surgical, and dental needs. Maria Lowry is experienced in all types of conditions and treatments. Beyond first rate pet care, we make our clinic comfortable, kid-friendly, and keep a very calm environment so your pet can relax in the waiting room and look forward to meeting his or her own Jupiter veterinarian.
We have a number of resources for you to learn about how to take better care of your pets. Browse around and look at our articles and pet videos. The best veterinary care for animals is ongoing nutrition and problem prevention. If you want to ask a question call 561-745-4944 or email us and we'll promptly get back to you. Our Jupiter veterinarian office is very easy to get to in the Green Turtle plaza, and you can find directions on our Contact Us page. You can also subscribe to our newsletter which is created especially for Jupiter pet owners. In between your veterinary visits, your pet will benefit from you reading these free informative articles. At Chasewood Animal Hospital, we treat your pets like the valued family members they are.

Dr. Maria Lowry, Veterinarian | Chasewood Animal Hospital | 561-745-4944 2532 W. Indiantown Road #A2 Jupiter, FL 33458



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Important! You Need to Read This 

According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP), 43% of all dogs and 53% of all cats are classified as overweight. What's worse is that an additional 10% of all dogs and 19% of all cats are considered obese! Therefore, more than half of our dogs and cats are overweight or obese. So, should your pet start an Atkins Diet?

Ramsey is a "cheese-aholic". At 6 years old and 156 lbs, this Bull Mastiff listens for his owner to unwrap the cellophane from a cheese slice and then makes a beeline for the refrigerator. Joyce Sternberg, Ramsey's owner, says originally cheese was an incentive to teach Ramsey to shut the back door. As a result, Ramsey had become so heavy he actually tried to avoid walks. Dislike for exercise is a common theme for overweight pets.
Irene Snow was chided by her veterinarian for allowing her Malamute mix, Yogi Bear, to balloon up to 127 pounds. An overweight pet is more prone to heart problems, poor skin condition, lameness, and more serious illnesses, like diabetes. A ground-breaking study actually details how pets who free feed live an average of two years less than pets with limited calories.

Without realizing it, many owners contribute to pet obesity through good intentions. "Some pets get twice as many meals each day because no one is in charge of feeding," says Dr. Steve Hotchkiss, veterinarian and owner of Hulen Hills Animal Hospital. Hotchkiss challenged Ramsey and Yogi in a "Biggest Pet Loser" contest. Over the course of eight weeks, a newspaper article tracked the pounds that they shed and the trials they endured. Ramsey's beloved cheese was the first thing to go and Yogi's new treats consisted of green beans instead of ice cream. Both pets were also encouraged to increase their activity levels.

Changes were apparent within just a few weeks and when the results were announced, both dogs showed significant weight loss. Yogi Bear had lost more than 14 lbs, making him the Biggest Pet Loser for the contest. Keeping it off has been more of a challenge though. Ramsey, on the other hand, continued his progress and eventually lost a total of 32 lbs! He is now at a trim 124 lbs. and Sternberg says he has the energy of a puppy and is excited about walks.

APOP says that pet owners should open a dialogue with their veterinarian about their pet's weight. The very first step should be a good thorough physical examination and associated blood work. This will help rule out diseases that cause weight gain, like hypothyroidism in dogs. Next, devise a diet plan with your veterinarian for safely reducing the number of calories being fed while also increasing the calories being burned through activity. Finally, make exercise a priority. Two or more brisk walks each day for our pudgy pooches and thirty minutes of playtime with your flabby tabby can help them lose that excess weight. With your love and commitment, your pet can lose that excess poundage which, in turn, could add years to your pet's life.

Tips to help your pet lose weight:

  • Pets who are fed controlled portions of food live about two years longer than those who have unlimited access to the food bowl.
  • Start your pet's diet with a trip to the veterinarian. A thorough physical exam and blood tests can help rule out diseases that can cause weight gain.
  • Next, throw away the self-feeders and designate one person in the family to feed the pets. Feed a few small meals instead of one large meal.
  • Replace high calorie treats with healthy alternatives like green beans or carrots.
  • Increase your pet's activity level. Two brisk walks daily for your dog can help both of you shed the excess weight.
  • Try to spend about thirty minutes each day playing with your cat. Kitty Teasers and laser pointers can really help them lose pounds.
  • Follow up with your veterinarian and adjust your pet's diet and exercise routine as needed.
THIS ---->https://chasewoodanimalhospital.com/happily-fur-ever-after-.html

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Your staff is great, loving, understanding and caring. Thanks for taking care of my Henry..

Joe M.          8/24/17

Everyone is always like Family!! Love and appreciate Dr. Maria (and staff) so much!

Trey H.         7/17/17

Very Good Care. Friendly Professional Staff. Thank You!  7/14/17

Tersa H.
As a new resident of Florida, Leo and I are very happy with the services rendered by Chasewood. Thank you!!
Debbie S.

Dr. Lowry and Chasewood Animal Hospital has been caring for our pets for the twenty years we have lived in Jupiter.Great care and compassion from everybody on the staff.
Jerry W.

Dr. Maria and Staff are the best!
Diana D.

Loved the service!
Timmy and Jinga C.

Great Job!
Kathleen H.

All of our needs for our cats were met with professional medical treatment along with kindness and compassion.
Joann R.

You are doing an amazing job!! You are so kind and understanding to the pets and families!! Truly the BEST in Jupiter!!
Giovana/Steven S.

We were so happy to meet Dr Lowry and the rest of the Staff after after our move to Jupiter. Friendly, caring people. Thank you
Veronica B.

As always, everything was wonderful! Thank you for everything you do to help us keep Marli healthy and happy!!

Kristen B.

My dogs love to come to the Vet and see you all. The Staff is wonderful and always smiling, and Dr. Lowry is the best!

Burt/Jean L.

You are all great! Very helpful every time I call or come in. Thank you for helping me take care of my Gracie.

Wendy N.

My needs are met 100% with your loving care!

Judy M.

Thank you always for the excellent care and concern for a our Vet needs even though we are now miles away.

Pay & John H.

Your Compassion and service are the best! Thank You!

Kathleen P.

A caring, compassionate vet with great staff.  Dr Maria spends a lot of time with each patient.  She discusses all the options in detail.  There is no pressure to choose the most expensive treatment.  The appointments have always been on time.  My dogs are always excited to go to the vet because she treats them so kindly.   I don't think you can find a better vet.

Martin B, Jupiter

We've used many vet clinics in many states, since we've moved a lot.  

Dr. Maria Lowry is one of the best vet doctors we've come across.  One of our cats has Lymphoma and was being treated by an internist, who was not doing such a good job of keeping him as healthy as possible, under the circumstances, and costing us lots of payouts doing one blood test after another, one anti-biotic after the other, which only caused him to lose his appetite make his situation worse.  His condition got so bad, we were positive he would have to be put down.  We took him to Dr. Lowry and, through her EXPERTISE and INGENUITY, she saved his life for another day, as they say.  And, she has taken wonderful care of our other two, one of which has renal failure.  She doesn't look for profit, she concentrates on the health and well being of your pet only.....an amazing breath of fresh air.

I HIGHLY RECOMENNED DR. MARIA LOWRY; she is one of the best!!!!!

Bev B., Jupiter

I can NOT say enough good things about Chasewood Animal Hospital!  Dr Maria & her staff is so caring and takes her time with you and your pet.  Marina, the Hospital Director, is fantastic!  Recently she helped me with an issue involving my dog's meds.  Went WAY ABOVE & beyond to help and FAR EXCEEDED my expectations!!!  When does that happen???!!!  Love, love this Vet  Clinic.

JC C, Jupiter

We took our very sick dog in on Saturday, thinking that he might have to be euthanized.  after going to 4 different vets in the past nine months, 1 of them a very popular local vet in Jupiter, all we had accomplished was flushing $3,000 down the toilet and had been browbeaten in a very condescending manner because we wouldn't continue to submit our dog for more expensive, useless tests and treatments.  no vet should insinuate that you are a bad pet owner because you have a budget.

We were very upfront with dr. maria, and within 10 minutes, she had clipped a skin sample and put it under a microscope, in front of us, and was showing us the Demodex mite crawling through my dog's sample on the computer screen!  it was as easy as that!  we were minutes away from putting or dog to sleep because other vets were more interested in racking up big bills doing complicated tests, and this wonderful woman immediately thought to do the simple, logical thing, even if it was not something that would line her pockets.  within 48 hours, our dog has gone from near unconsciousness to up and about, even pushing a his favorite ball around, begging us to play fetch! 

i cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. maria and her staff.  she has gained lifelong customers in us and our 2 Cocker Spaniels.  i will shout from the rooftops to recommend her and can say that i have more trust in her than any other vet, spanning 2 different states.

Vet care costs money, that is part of the deal when you own a pet.  but just like people's healthcare, most people have a budget and to find a vet that doesn't beat you up because of that is rare in our experience.  Dr. maria is kind, compassionate and obviously puts her patients first, and that is why i totally recommend her.

Laura N. , Jupiter

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